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Protect Your Energy and Thrive This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time of wonder and excitement with the potential to be filled with an outpouring of love and generosity. Then why are so many people dreading the upcoming holiday season, trying to avoid spending time with certain family members? 

After many months of forced separation, your mind has most likely dimmed recollections of the crazy family drama and power plays. As the holidays get closer, however, you remember the energy drain and impact hangover that can bring you down for days on end. 

Instead of looking forward to the holiday time together, you’re now searching for ways to make it easier to handle the family dynamics. Right now, the only solutions seem to be avoidance through excuses or rationalizing the idea of significantly limiting your exposure to family. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

There are ways to protect your energy for the holidays while still spending time with family. Here are three helpful tips to follow to enjoy a beautifully supportive holiday season. 

1. Recognize everything is energy.  

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

This isn’t a New Age phenomenon, it’s physics. If everything is energy, then you want to realize that you’re impacted by it—both positively and negatively. 

2. Realize that both introverts and extroverts are impacted by energy. 

People are often misinformed about extroverts. Introverts are the ones you think of when you talk about exhaustion while being in groups. Yet, extroverts are impacted as well. They just don’t realize the effects are connected to the group energy. 

The ways extroverts are impacted aren’t as evident as with introverts. Some extroverts experience bad moods long after the event has ended, while others experience scattered thoughts, and they don’t connect the group experience with its effects. Instead, extroverts blame the scattered thoughts on being tired or not being able to concentrate, when in fact, it has a direct correlation to being impacted by other people’s energies. 

Let’s get rid of the false assumption that only introverts are affected by the energy from others. Extroverts also need to protect their energy. 

3. Protect your energy. 

Certainly, introverts require more support in groups than extroverts. However, it’s more involved than that.  Protecting your energy involves determining how your energy works for you when you’re with others under certain conditions.

That’s why we developed an intuitive-type quiz. Give yourself the best gift of the holiday season. Find out your intuitive type at

Your specific intuitive type depicts how other people’s energy impacts you specifically, based on your ability to protect, exchange, and interpret the energies around you. 

Answering 12 questions about yourself gives you the information you need to know about your energy sensitivities, strengths, and how others impact you. In other words, to protect your energy, know your energy sensitivities. To exchange your energy effectively, know your energetic strengths. To interpret your energy, know the impacts. 

The quiz speaks to these by giving you tips and recommendations specifically for the holidays. These tools help you handle the energy, so you’re lifted up instead of drained. 

What are those energy drains? 

For certain intuitive types, the energy drain comes from the boastful brother-in-law or cocky cousin, who come blazing into the room filling up every single second talking about how great they are. While for other intuitive types, they get a kick out of these characters and instead succumb to those silent glares and muttered slights of the cold mother-in-law.

If you are an energy introvert, like the Wise Strategist intuitive type, you want to take frequent breaks by going outside or somewhere quiet when those boastful relatives suck up all the energy in the room. You’re particularly sensitive to the repeated barrage, so saying affirmations silently to yourself helps to ward off the energetic drain when you must engage in conversation. Remind yourself of your strengths and remain calm by taking deeper breaths than usual. While if you’re an energy introvert like the Creative Superstar intuitive type, you need to protect yourself before you get to the gathering, and you also require guardians to support you throughout the event. 

For the energy extroverts, there are several variations of energetic protection, as well.

For the Intuitive Visionary intuitive type, grounding yourself before, during, and after the event is critical to forestall the scattered and confusing energy spikes those cold mother-in-law types create. This is your kryptonite, and you’re so busy filling in the silent gaps, you don’t realize the drain until long after the affair is over. 

For the Ruling Warrior intuitive type, don’t engage with the cocky cousin. Instead make light of it by expressing gratitude for the things or people you really appreciate. If this isn’t as effective as you’d like, start a game, or go play with the kids. You’ll enjoy yourself far more by not getting wrapped into a competitive one-upmanship. 

There are six intuitive types, each with their own energy protection, exchange, and impact tools to support you during the holidays. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, your intuitive type helps you no matter the social circumstance.

You may want to take the quiz with your other family members. Finding out each other’s intuitive type is a fun holiday activity. You’ll get insight into each other in an objective way, and it may help smooth out your energy exchanges without having to do anything further. 

This is your holiday season to thrive, instead of just survive.

About The Author
Kim Woods

An intuitive business strategist and forecasting expert, Kim Woods teaches high-performing entrepreneurs to know, like, and trust themselves in their businesses and daily life. She has founded multiple seven-figure brick- and-mortar businesses and is a former business consultant at Oracle. She discovered the power of her intuition when she found out how little she knew, liked, and trusted herself when her son was born with significant health issues. She had spent all of her time building a successful career based on someone else’s definition of success and had ultimately lost herself. The crisis with her son forced her to find herself again through relying on her knowing to defy the doctor’s predictions for her son’s mediocre quality of life, liking herself enough to marry ancient wisdom with western methods and not accept the doctor’s plan to merely work around the issues, and trusting herself to see her strategies through for eight years until she saw complete transformation. Kim’s revolutionary question of do you know, like, and trust yourself is the perfect thread that weaves intuition with success, pairing the ancient wisdom of astrology, healing modalities, and sacred methods with modern techniques through practical methods. Kim turns the traditional Know, Like, Trust factor inside out, so instead of customers needing to know, like, and trust you, YOU need to know, like, and trust yourself. When you do, you create personal, professional, and financial success. With countless spiritual and magic certifications paired with 25-plus years of high-level business experience, Kim has an incredibly solid depth of field for combining business with intuition, creating powerfully transformative results. Kim is a contributor to Entrepreneur, Wake Up With Marci, Ohwabisabi. She lives near the coast in Boston with her husband and two children. Follow her on InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn.