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5 Easy Ways to Empower Yourself Through Wishful Thinking

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Our narratives dictate how we see the world. By seeing your wish, writing it down, and transforming what you focus on, you are changing the story of your life, which in turn changes your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is how you make your wishes come true and how we create a world of happy, caring, and thoughtful people.

When you make a wish, you set the wheels in motion to see the life you deserve, and that vision gives you the roadmap to take action toward your deepest desires.

1. Write down your wish. 

It’s so tempting to have a wish (or a goal) that comes from your brain. Make a certain amount of money. Buy a house. Get married. Or we can stay vague and ask for broad wishes like “happiness” or “abundance,” but by staying vague, we are not really putting the pin in the map of our destiny. We don’t get there because we don’t really define what “happiness” is to us. Where do we want to go exactly? So, the art of wishing is as important is the wish itself. We need to make space for creativity, contemplation, and most importantly, specificity.

2. Visualize your wish. 

To bypass our thinking brain, we can engage in a creative and meditative activity. When you quiet your mind and imagine a moment where you’re living your wish, you invite the deepest part of your being to express exactly what it desires. Instead of just thinking about it, you are activating all of your senses to make this moment come alive. This is how you discover where you want to go and what you’re ready to call into your life right now.

3. Reverse engineer desire. 

Now that you’ve seen your wish in detail with the guided visualization, it’s time to capture all the details by writing them down. Once they’re on paper, you’ve identified where you want the wish to go, which means you can map out the steps you need to take to get there. Suddenly, you have a road map, which gives you the clarity you need to take actionable steps right now. With each step taken, you build muscles of confidence and feel the thrill of achievement.

4. Expand your experience by doing the work. 

You need to take the time to do the work to make your wish come true. That’s why I follow the Wishwork method, where you create 21 days of simple experiences that help you take action and move toward your wish and see and experience life in a slightly new way. By noticing the lyrics of a song, or speaking your wish out loud, these tiny gestures create momentum and awareness. These subtle shifts in perception can create new neural pathways by activating your awareness, so you notice new things that were likely always there. Messages and signs that are encouraging you to keep going after your dreams. By changing your perception of the world, you are changing how you show up in it.

5. Experience a ripple effect. 

There is a misconception that wishing is just for kids or that perhaps it’s selfish to focus on what you want. However, it’s actually a powerful way to shift the energy of the world because you are taking personal responsibility for your own happiness. The only thing we can actually change in the world is ourselves, so by wishing, you are adding to the positive energy of the planet. When you wish, everyone wins. 

Let’s create a revolution of love that puts wishing in the center. A happy, fulfilled person creates a ripple effect of goodness because their contentment, peace, joy, and happiness touches everyone they come into contact with. It’s the antidote for stress, hate, pain, and scarcity. Remember, if you want to change the world, the change must begin with you.

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