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8 Gifts That Promote Health and Wellbeing

Give the Joy of Wellness this Holiday Season


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‘Tis the season to share the benefits of wellness with the ones you love. From innovative fitness equipment to superfood supplements and more, what better way to express your care and appreciation than by giving the gift of health and happiness. Here are some gifts that can help your friends and family commit to a balanced and nourishing lifestyle.

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Corc Yoga Mats ($200.02)

Made of 100 percent natural cork sustainably harvested from Portugal, Corc Yoga Mats are free from chemicals, heavy metals, and hormone-disrupting materials, such as latex or PVC. The perfect gift for the environmentally conscious yogi in your life, the mats are made from cork harvested by farmers who strip the bark from the tree, a regenerative process that helps the tree thrive up to 200 years. The non-slip mats are named after beloved destinations in Portugal, including the Algarve, Douro, and Sintra, and come in a variety of earth tones. The company also retails cork bags, blocks, and more.

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Stone Hollow Farmstead Wellness Gift Box ($160)

Want to show someone you truly care this holiday season? Look no further than the Wellness Gift Box from Stone Hollow Farmstead, a mother-daughter family-owned company offering artisanal products that are handmade on their 80-acre farm. The Wellness Gift Box includes Wellness Herbal Tea, Blueberry Ashwagandha Herbal Tincture, Elderberry Syrup, Flu Buster, and Strawberry Rose Drinking Vinegar. The gift box is a custom-branded birch box with aspen wood shavings and handpicked dried flowers from the farm’s garden.

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Filterbaby Faucet Filter Generation 2.0 ($99 subscription; $119 one-time purchase)

Ever wonder what chemicals might be lurking in your tap water and what impact they might be having on your skin? Filterbaby is the first clinically tested and dermatologist-recommended skincare water filter for the face. The new Generation 2.0, which debuts Dec. 1, is designed to reduce 99.99 percent of chlorine and chloramine, a stronger and longer lasting disinfectant used to clean tap water. It also eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria, fungus, virus, rusts, lead particles, certain heavy metals, and other contaminants that can impact the skin. The filter, beautifully designed, is the perfect gift for skincare enthusiasts.

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Wild Chakra Kids ($12.99 digital download; $24.44)

Designed to help kids ages 10 and up to focus, relieve stress, improve motor skills, and be in the present moment, Wild Chakra Kids mindful coloring and activity book is filled with fun and educational exercises. This illustrated book, with hand-drawn images, was the brainchild of Karina Wildgoods, a yogi, registered nutritionist, coach, reiki master, and mom. The activities encourage kids to embark on a journey through the colorful chakras, helping them to connect with nature and the beautiful colors inside them.

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B Halfmoon Helix Weights ($46.80)

Designed to fit comfortably in the curves of your hands, these three-pound Helix Weights help you to tone and strengthen while you curl, press, and pulse. The elevated design features curved edges and a soft touch, which encourages you to maximize your workout. Available in black helix and cacao helix, it is an ideal gift for the fitness junkie with a sense of style. 

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Sense Naturals Balance ($57)

This multifunctional superfood supplement is crafted from 10 organic ingredients, including turmeric, beetroot, rose petals, ginger, and matcha. Formulated to reduce inflammation, lower stress and anxiety, improve focus and sleep, and boost immunity, energy, and gut health, it is a proprietary blend based on a recipe developed with Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system, in mind. Sense is designed to optimize nutrient absorption, maximize synergies among ingredients, and promote healing from within. A great alternative to coffee or tea, it can be enjoyed with hot water, lemon, and honey.

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ReCreate Lifestyle CBD Gummies (starting at $29.99)

Charlotte’s Web, a leader in the CBD space, recently introduced ReCreate, an innovative lifestyle brand that feature gummies that incorporate organic broad-spectrum CBD and other powerful ingredients to support a range of needs. Endurance features natural Beet Root to help boost the body’s efficiency; Muscle Recovery includes natural Tart Cherry to help the body bounce back quicker after training; Brain Support is infused with natural Lion’s Mane to help support cognition; and Rest features natural Passionflower to help slow things down and encourage relaxation. Wellness is not one-size-fits-all, so no matter who is on your holiday gift list, ReCreate has you covered.

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Purelife Biotics Steamers ($20 to $60)

There’s nothing more relaxing than a soothing shower. A perfect stocking stuffer, these fragrant steamers take showers to the next level and transform a routine activity into a magical spa moment. Available in a variety of fragrances to appeal to any scent preferences and support a range of needs, these clean and ethically sourced steamers rejuvenate the spirit and revive the body.

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