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A Lunar Guide to Self-Care

Discover the self-care practices that are best for you based on your moon sign.


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Self-care has become a buzzword these days, though it’s definitely not bubble baths for everyone. It actually means something totally different for each of us, and this is based on our moon sign. For some, self-care may be going for a run; for others, it’s a cozy weekend buried in books and steeping tea; for some, it’s an all-nighter; and for others, it may simply be saying “no.” Learn how tuning into your moon sign self-care practices will give you the nourishment your soul actually craves.

In astrology, the moon sign represents your core needs, and if we do not meet those, we will feel undernourished and depleted. I recommend making it a weekly practice to ensure you have filled your lunar cup in at least one of the ways listed below.

Moon in Aries Self-Care
  • You need thrills and a dash of risk. Own it.
  • Being spontaneous, independent, and autonomous are integral to your wellbeing.
  • Running, biking, or spontaneous dance parties will keep your fires burning.
Moon in Taurus Self-Care
  • Your soul must truly appreciate this gorgeous world.
  • Spending time in nature is integral for your emotional wellbeing.
  • Cooking, gardening, and enjoying a meal with friends or family will fill your cup.
Moon in Gemini Self-Care
  • You love to challenge assumptions and question just about everything, so keeping your mind stimulated is vital.
  • Listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks while strolling through the city.
  • Catch up with friends and strike up a good conversation with new acquaintances.
Moon in Cancer Self-Care
  • Your soul craves alone time to feel your feelings and to be accepted as you are.
  • Soaking in a salt bath will truly soothe your soul and detox the body.
  • Long and loving phone conversations with your pals will always be restorative.
Moon in Leo Self-Care
  • To be seen, to be loved, and to be creative—this is essential to your Leo moon.
  • Dress up, glorify yourself, and have fun with your image. Love your look.
  • Sink your teeth into a creative hobby like music so you can freely express yourself.
Moon in Virgo Self-Care
  • Your soul must feel that you are appreciated, and a clean environment is key. 
  • Organizing and decorating your home will give you great satisfaction.
  • Learn new things and share your wisdom to help others.
Moon in Libra Self-Care
  • There must be grace, beauty, and equanimity for your soul to be satisfied.
  • Create aesthetic environments in your home or artistic projects, enjoying music and fragrance.
  • Explore advocacy work where you can stand up for those on the sidelines.
Moon in Scorpio Self-Care
  • There is a depth that you crave, as you can travel where others may fear.
  • Self-care is in boundaries; be mindful of who, when, and where you let others in your space.
  • You need intimacy, ritual space, or moments of deep connection.
Moon in Sagittarius Self-Care
  • The essence of freedom is your soul desire, and this comes in many forms.
  • Long or short distance travel has a way of resetting your spirit like nothing else.
  • Your thirst for knowledge is eternal, so keep learning and expand your mind.
Moon in Capricorn Self-Care
  • It’s important for you to feel respected in your community and to know that your contributions are appreciated.
  • You do so much for everyone else, so self-care is actually prioritizing your personal projects and desires. Put that on your calendar weekly.
  • Goals give you great satisfaction, so hiking, skiing a mountain, or completing a workout challenge will light you up.
Moon in Aquarius Self-Care
  • Communing with others (with whom you vibe) and sharing ideas is vital to your wellbeing.
  • Host a dinner party or meet your tribe our for great conversation and inspiration.
  • Yoga can actually remind you that you have a body, and it’s key to ground often in the physical practice.
Moon in Pisces Self-Care
  • You have a deep desire to transcend this material world, so artistic and spiritual practices will restore you most.
  • Explore photography, dancing, or perhaps music to revive your spirit.
  • A foot massage and soak with essential oils will soothe your nerves into pure relaxation.

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