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Accor Develops New Health to Wealth Podcast Series

New podcast series features episodes focusing on stress, resilience, investment, and more.


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Accor, a leading hospitality group, has launched Health to Wealth, a new series exploring the current state of wellbeing as well as many defining issues. Health to Wealth kicked off with a unique and informative podcast series, which was then followed by an entrepreneurial startup challenge in Paris in collaboration with VivaTech. Next up will be the release of an insightful white paper later this year exploring the latest research in the areas of psychological and physiological health, societal structure and responsibility, global shifts, responses, and predictions.

“The goal of hospitality is to provide a warm welcome, a spirit of caring, and a sense of well-being,” says Emlyn Brown, global vice president of Accor. “As a global leader of hospitality, Accor has led the industry in moving wellness matters beyond the traditional walls of spas and fitness centers into everything we do—from hotel operations to food and beverage, room design and so much more. We are excited to debut Health to Wealth and take our mission of care to the next level, convening a diverse group of innovative minds to act as a positive force for change that we hope will inspire mental and physical wholeness and a greater sense of well-being in what is a very complex and ever-changing world.”

The Health to Wealth podcast series was created by the Accor wellbeing team and then curated by Well Intelligence, a U.K.-based international business advisory group. They have been providing corporations and enterprises with insight and guidance in their quest to establish impactful wellbeing programs, transform company morale, and create healthier and more sustainable communities.

“Accor is taking a powerful step forward to lead a global discourse among some of the world’s boldest thinkers, at a time when the collective wellness of the world has never felt more shaken,” says Anni Hood, CEO of Well Intelligence. “At Well Intelligence, we believe that sometimes a more radical approach is necessary to inspire a revolutionary shift, in perspective and beyond.”

The first four Health to Wealth podcast episodes are now available, featuring Wim Hof discussing democratic access to health and the power of the breath (Putting Mind Over Matter); Kate Cook addressing the impact of nutritional health on business performance (Super Powered Through Strategic Nutrition); Saasha Celestial-One outlining her grassroots: real-world response to waste (Sharing A Recipe To Reduce Food Waste); and Manuel Muniz on the subject of technology—its impacts and strategic possibilities (Turning The Digital Tide).

“We’re all on this planet together, and when part of us isn’t doing well or isn’t properly nurtured, then it affects our entire collective organism. And that, to me, felt like a very natural way to think about the social and human and planetary interconnectedness that is coming to light in this Health to Wealth series,” says Saasha Celestial-One, founder of OLIO, the global food sharing app that is revolutionizing food waste and community service, and one of the Health to Wealth contributors.

“The macro well-being perspective that Health to Wealth is examining is essential,” says Muniz, provost of the IE University in Madrid, former Secretary of State for Global Spain, and contributor to Health to Wealth. “I’m glad these discussions are taking place now, given the general state of affairs of the world. I believe this is the right time to address these matters.”

Additional podcast episodes will be released, featuring such discussions as: 

  • Thierry Malleret on wellbeing, changing values, and global macro forces 
  • Oli Patrick and amp
  • Harry Jameson on fitness, resilience, and countering stress,
  • Olaf Blanke on how our body sense is governed by neuroscience
  • Julian Ranger on why everyone should look after their own personal data
  • Allie Burns on investing in the entrepreneurs who can make a social impact
  • Ali Parsa on virtual doctors and the AI revolution in healthcare

The Health to Wealth podcast series is available on all major podcast platforms,, and Accor’s website.

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