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Creating a Money Story That Works for You

The Art of The Reframe


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In Are Your Money Stories Impacting Your Financial Success?, we talked about money stories, what they are and how they may be holding you back from having the financial freedom you desire. So, now that you know how to become aware of your stories and see that they aren’t serving you in the way that they should, what is the next step? It’s to rewrite your stories, to create new agreements. In other words, to lean into the art of the reframe as it relates to your money story. What does it even mean to “reframe” a story?

In an article by Leon Voon on, he writes, “A ‘reframe,’ in design terms is the art of framing a problem in a way that is novel and different from how we originally viewed it.” I think this is a great description. It essentially takes what we know to be true—aka our money stories—and frames the story in a way that is novel and different from how we originally viewed it. The idea is to make the story work for us, instead of against us.

The question remains, how do we do that? For this, I turn to the badassiest money mindset mentor, Jen Sincero. In her book You Are A Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, she speaks to a practice that helps her not only identify the limiting belief (also known as the money story that isn’t serving her) but also how to rewrite it so it works for her instead of against her.

I specifically like this process because of step number two. In all honesty, I tried to do the practice without working through the second step, but it never worked for me. Once I surrendered to her guidance (she DOES know what she is talking about), I haven’t looked back.

So, what is the BADASS process for reframing?

Step 1: AWARENESS around the stories you have about money.


What are these stories doing for you? What do they mean to you? What are they giving you permission to do? I like to ask, “How is that story working out for you?” and “Is only this story true?” Oftentimes, our stories are giving us permission to do something, such as stay inside our comfort zones, play the victim card, or never take a chance. Without this investigation, we can’t understand how the story is working for and against us.


Create the new story/agreement that empowers and enriches you, that gives you permission to believe there is more out there for you, that allows you to see there is another side that is also true and better serves you.


Give a voice to your new story as if it was the truth all along, and there is no one and nothing that can tell you otherwise. (Affirmations are a great tool for step #4).

As I mentioned, when I first took action on this practice, I had a difficult time. I wanted someone else to rewrite the story for me (mostly because I didn’t want to do the work to investigate the story).

Sincero does give a few examples in the book of how to reframe a story, but they never resonated with me because they weren’t my stories. I quickly learned that I had to figure out what the new story and agreement would be for me, and only then was I able to truly believe the reframe and live it daily.

Here is an example of how I use this process in my life, but I encourage you to try it for yourself. It may take several tries before it really clicks.


Step 1: AWARENESS – What are my money stories?

One of my long-time money stories was that only criminals and bad people could become rich. They were either cutting corners with the law (hiding money in walls and not being honest in their bookkeeping) and/or stealing from the poor by not being generous with their wealth (by taking so much for themselves, there isn’t enough to go around).

Step 2: INVESTIGATION – How were these stories working for me?

Welp, they gave me permission to play small. Deep down, I have been essentially terrified of making money because either I would have to give it all away to the poor (because only selfish, greedy people keep their money), or I would risk jail because I would have to cut corners and be dishonest. This story allowed me to stay in my safety zone, never believing that true wealth was something I should want. I also told myself I didn’t want to be rich because that would make me a greedy person.

The investigation doesn’t stop there. Now that I know how this story plays out and how I see it working for me, I can dig deeper to see if there is another perspective I can take.

For example,

Question: Are there good people in the world, who are wealthy and also doing good things for the less fortunate?

Answer: YES!

Question: Are there people in the world who never break the law, never cheat in their bookkeeping, who pay all of their taxes and are also incredibly wealthy?

Answer: YES!

Question: Is this story true? If you have money, does that mean there isn’t enough to go around?

Answer: No, there is plenty of money to go around. Money is always being made, being exchanged, and circulated. The cycle goes on and on.

Question: Is it possible for you to have more money in your bank account than you ever imagined, follow all the financial laws, and also give back to the less fortunate who don’t have the financial wealth you do?

Answer: YES!


Now that I understand there is possibility for me to be both a law-abiding wealthy citizen while also being very generous with my wealth to support others in need, I can reframe my money story, so it truly works for me. Instead of encouraging me to play small and hide, this reframing gives me permission to move forward with purpose and drive.

NEW STORY: Wealthy people abide by the law completely and are also philanthropic with their wealth while maintaining an abundant bank account and lifestyle.


This just became my latest affirmation to have by my bedside table. I repeat it before bed and when I wake up in the morning. Be unafraid to speak this one until it becomes your truth.

Do you see how this process helped me essentially get out of my own way and create a story way more empowering and supportive of the life I dream to lead? What I love is that we can create and reframe stories until the cows come home. This is how you create an abundant mindset. You get to be honest, philanthropic, and have plenty of money for yourself at the end of the day. You truly do get to have it all, if you are willing to do the work to get there.

I would love for you to share your reframes with me on Instagram at @mary.theresa.tringale. Let’s step into the power of the reframe game together.

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