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Discover the Advanced Technology Behind this 3-Step Facial

Jamé Heskett, M.D., Explains How this Innovative Facial Works.
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Throughout the pandemic, I’ve taken the idea of low-maintenance skincare to a new level. Fortunately, my skin hasn’t suffered too much from my lack of attention. However, I’ve missed the deep cleansing and skin-plumping benefits of a professional facial, especially one that incorporates advanced technology.

I recently had the opportunity to experience a Geneo facial with Jamé Heskett, M.D., owner of The Wellpath (New York City), an anti-aging and wellness center, and author of The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life. Heskett was one of the first physicians in Manhattan to incorporate the non-invasive Geneo platform, which is the basis for four customizable facials: Geneo Balance Facial, Geneo Revive Facial, Geneo Illuminate Facial, and Geneo Hydrate Facial, that last of which launched earlier this March.

What each of these facials has in common is the innovative three-step process designed to improve the look and feel of skin. The first step involves Geneo’s unique OxyPads, which react with the Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin and naturally boost skin’s oxygen levels. The facials also include ultrasound and a soothing massage to help enhance product absorption. The products feature a variety of highly effective ingredients, such as charcoal, red algae, kojic and hyaluronic acids, and vitamin C. 

My skin certainly benefitted from this rejuvenating reboot, particularly the thorough exfoliation. Here, Heskett shares more about the technologies involved in this innovative treatment.

What are the primary benefits of the Geneo facial? Powerful but gentle exfoliation of dead skin to brighten and allow for better skin cell rejuvenation is the main benefit of the Geneo facial, but oxygenation and nutrification of the entire dermis from the inside out by using the circulation- stimulating power of the bicarbonate disk is what really sets this facial apart. The Geneo facial is way more powerful than your typical oxygen facial, as it does not just place oxygen on the outside of the skin and hope some penetrates. It penetrates the skin with problem-specific serums through ultrasound. No facial does all three of these very important steps as well as the Geneo facial. This is why we’ve dubbed it “the facial of the future.” 

What are some of the ways the treatment can be customized? The Geneo facial can be customized to any problematic skin concern. Whether it is acne, wrinkles, dryness, inflammation, or just preventative aging, customers can choose among the four facials that best fits their needs—each with a serum and a bicarbonate disk that can comprehensively address the issues a person is having with their skin. Additionally, the intensity of the facial can be adjusted to any skin type as well as for different seasons and conditions. It is fully customizable and can be done in a series to build on the previous treatments for more significant skin issues or done as a one-time facial for an immediate glow before an event, as there is no downtime. 

What technologies do you find to be most effective for improving the skin? For me, the best all-around treatment for improving the skin is microneedling with platelet-rich plasma. It tightens, regenerates the full thickness of the dermis, and improves microcirculation, which gives an incredible youthfulness while creating a long-term result. It has little downtime with some specialized masks post therapy, and it is not expensive and can be done at any age, on any skin type for amazing results. I always perform a Geneo facial before microneedling for the greatest impact, as it preps the skin to rejuvenate like no other facial. 

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