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Expert Shatters 6 Myths About Dentistry

Dr. Dani B., a smile makeover specialist in Los Angeles, reveals why oral health should always be a wellness priority
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Dentistry impacts us all, whether we are good about keeping up with our dentist visits or not. Our oral health is tied to our overall health and wellbeing, which we all need to pay attention to. There are a lot of myths about dental care, however, that keep people from knowing the best route to take. Putting those myths in the spotlight helps people uncover the truth that will keep them on a healthier path.

“Taking care of your oral health should be a top priority for everyone,” says Dani Benyaminy, DDS, known by his loyal patients as Dr. Dani B., an expert cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. “Not only does it impact your oral health, but it also impacts your whole body and mental health.”

From bacterial infections that can start in the mouth and travel to other parts of the body to the lack of self-confidence people have on account of how their teeth look, teeth play an essential role in our health and wellness. It is crucial to know what to do and not do to take care of your oral health. 

Here are six common myths (and truths) about dentistry:

  1. Purple toothpaste to the rescue. Many people are touting purple toothpaste, saying that it is color-correcting. The theory is that it will interact with the discolorations, neutralizing them so the teeth look whiter. The truth is that it’s a short-lived boost, especially as soon as you start eating and drinking. Speak with your dentist for a professional recommendation to obtain the best individual results. 
  2. Bleeding gums are normal when brushing or flossing. While some may see this happening, it is not normal and should not be happening long term. Those new to flossing, for example, may be experiencing some bleeding at first, but over time it should stop. If the gums are tender and/or bleeding regularly, it could be an issue, so speak with your dentist about it.
  3. Dental issues don’t impact the rest of the body. It is common for people to believe that dental problems are localized, but that’s far from the truth. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, good oral health is essential to overall health and wellbeing. Poor oral health is linked to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. 
  4. Teeth don’t contribute to an aging face. While people who want to turn back the clock on aging often reach for things like fillers and plastic surgery, they overlook an essential part of the equation. The condition of one’s teeth can significantly age a face or keep it looking younger. To help keep the face looking more youthful, opt for veneers or other treatments that maintain tooth integrity and appearance over the years.
  5. All wisdom teeth need to be removed. It may seem like common practice to remove all wisdom teeth, but it’s a myth to think they automatically must be removed. They should be evaluated by a dentist who can see if they may cause issues.
  6. Dentistry is expensive. The truth of the matter is neglect of your oral health can lead to more costly procedures than regular maintenance/visits. 

“People have questions and want answers, which is great,” adds Dr. Dani B. “Always look at the source of where the answers are coming from so that they are legitimate. Otherwise, there could be more myths that are being perpetuated, and it could be jeopardizing your oral health.”

Dr. Dani B. is an expert cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. He is known as a smile makeover specialist and a porcelain veneer specialist. His custom-built office in Century City, CA, offers VIP treatments for everyone who visits, and virtual consultations are provided to help people determine the best route to meet their goals. With a focus on delivering personalized treatments and achieving optimal oral health, Dr. Dani B. and his experienced team offer a comprehensive range of services, including preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments, orthodontics, and dental implants. The practice also provides Invisalign, Zoom teeth whitening, and urgent dental care. Dr. Dani B. uses cutting-edge technology to help people achieve celebrity-caliber smiles. To get a healthy and confident smile, visit and view famous smile makeovers on Instagram @DrDaniB

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