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Nanuku Resort Presents Exclusive Astro-Tourism Experience with Special Guests From NASA

The program will explore a new perspective of space from the Fijian Islands
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Nanuku Resort Fiji has debuted the Journey to the Stars program, a series of events that will coincide with the new moon cycle of October 2022. From Oct. 22 to 31, guests of the resort can explore deep space and the moon from the shores of the South Pacific. The activities will be led by NASA experts, including special guests from NASA SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute).

In addition, the special guests from NASA will visit three local schools and share educational experiences with those students. Resort guests can join the NASA and hotel team for these visits and connect with the local community.

“We’re so excited to be hosting such a unique series of events at Nanuku Resort Fiji and to be able to share this moment with our community,” says hotel general manager Logan Miller. “With this experience we hope to inspire local students and guests to explore how the tropical night sky relates to Fiji’s past, present and future, and inspire students to consider continuing their exploration of science and space.”

While staying at Nanuku Resort Fiji in October an array of “Journey Through the Stars” events will take place, including:

  •  Dark Sky Star Party: Explore the stars, planets, moon and deep space using advanced NASA telescopes
  • Daytime Star Party: View the sun using a NASA solarscope that allows you to witness explosions as they occur on the surface of the sun
  • Create a Star Map: Learn how Fijians have navigated the waters for thousands of years using the stars and make your own star map; you’ll also learn how they have used the moon as guidance for agricultural purposes
  • Touch a Space Rock: Learn about meteorites and asteroids and even touch a piece of the moon and Mars
  • Travel Across the Solar System: Take a journey across the solar system with an astronomer using real-time data and video
  •  A Day in the Life of an Astronaut: Have lunch with a guest astronaut to learn what it takes to be an astronaut and what space travel is really like
  • NASA is Everywhere you Look: Learn about the many technologies used in everyday life that were invented by NASA and how you can access their technology to bring your wildest ideas to life
  • Art and Space: Get creative with a NASA artist who will lead multiple hands-on art activities, from painting the stars and moon and drawing the lush tropical plants of Fiji to making a model of the solar system
  • Mission Impossible: Learn about current and upcoming space projects and missions, and how NASA is achieving the seemingly impossible every day
  • Moon Massage: Enjoy the healing properties of the moon during a night-massage, complete with moon Water

The resort has also introduced the Celestial Concierge, who will lead guests through star-gazing experiences and share local folklore around the moon’s influence on the local community and Fiji’s history. With their guide, guests enjoy a boat ride experience to a private island to learn about the Fijian navigation traditions using the night stars as a guide.

NASA will also be donating a Dobsonian telescope for ongoing use for guests of the resort to observe planets and deep sky objects like nebulae and galaxies and learn more about the sky above. As part of the resort’s continued Batiwai Project community outreach, Nanuku Resort hopes to continue to inspire local students to reach for the stars as well with planned quarterly visits for the students to utilize the Dobsonian telescope.

Nanuku Resort will also offer a special ongoing Lunar Wellness Experience on property for guests to connect their bodies and minds with the energy of the Moon. Complete with a full body Moon Massage under the light of the moon from Nanuku Resort’s team of expert massage therapists, the Lunar Wellness Experience will also feature a guided Moon Water Meditation session. During this meditation guests will harness the moon’s power to promote cleansing, renewal, and intention-setting as they move forward into this new phase of life.

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