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Palmaia—the House of Aia in Playa Del Carmen Introduces a Happy Camp Retreat with Founder Katie Wee

Discover a retreat with happiness as its ultimate goal


To adopt a more joyful outlook, it’s necessary to improve our relationship with ourselves and train our minds to choose better-feeling thoughts. According to the National Science Foundation, we think approximately 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day; 80 percent are negative while 95 percent are repetitive. Not surprisingly, joy and happiness in life often fades over time due to unconscious, negative, and limiting beliefs.

All too familiar with limiting beliefs, Katie Wee, founder of Happy Camp Retreats, is a mindset coach, retreat leader, actress, and writer. Her beliefs led her on a four-year journey in which she worked to overcome her inner self-critic and better understand herself. Today, she is thriving and living her happiest life. Eager to share her liberating lessons to help women be happy and stay happy, she will be leading a Happy Camp retreat February 28 to March 6 at Palmaia – the House of Aia in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Ideal for those who struggle with burnout, limiting self-beliefs, and negative thinking, the retreat is especially helpful for people who are unaware of how they’re living and unable to define what they want.  

Incorporating knowledge gained from years spent learning how to be happy as well as yoga philosophies, Happy Camp Retreats incorporate:

  • A prescriptive RX to reveal limiting beliefs to get happy and stay happy
  • A new way of thinking that taps into the power of creating happiness in the present moment and reminders to be kind to ourselves and know that happiness is a choice we make every day
  • The tools of conscious creation to attract what we desire in life and plant the seeds of ongoing happiness
  • Opportunities for self-healing through engaging activities, such as divine dancing, candlelight yin yoga, paddleboarding, and more.

Most importantly Wee uses her signature “Happy Camp” philosophy to create a life you love. For more information on the upcoming retreat, click here. Wee shares 4 Tips for Enhancing Happiness.

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