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The Best Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Discover the best crystals and stones that match the traits of the zodiac signs, as well as tips on cleansing and charging
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Crystals and stones are a great way to eliminate negative energy for your mental state and manifestation—but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which are best suited to your personality. Fortunately, Brett Larkin, crystal expert at Tiny Rituals, offers insight into the best crystals and stones that match the traits of the zodiac signs, as well as tips on cleansing and charging. 

Aries: Carnelian 

Aries are known for their fiery and courageous personalities, but their high energy can often be released through anger and stress. This goes hand in hand with carnelian. This stone can heal the impulsiveness of Aries, which can be a dangerous trait at times, as well as balance energy levels and provide optimism to reduce negative emotions. 

Cleanse and charge the stone by soaking it in water for a few hours, ensuring it is fully covered, and drying it thoroughly before placing it back in its usual spot. You can also set it under a windowsill for 24 hours to expose the stone to sunlight and moonlight. 

Taurus: Emerald 

Reliable, loyal, and determined are some of the many characteristics of a Taurus, but they can also be stubborn and find it difficult to express their emotions. This makes emerald the perfect stone for a Taurus. It enhances calm, peace, and love while reducing stubbornness and helping them to process their emotions properly. Not to mention, Venus’s gemstone is emerald, and Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. 

Emerald can be cleansed and charged by running it under warm water to get rid of any energy buildup, while you can also charge the stone by placing it on a clean white cloth outside on a morning for a few hours. 

Gemini: Moonstone 

Geminis are playful, extroverted, and curious people who always want to have fun, but their weaknesses are their indecisiveness and unreliability. Fortunately, moonstone can regulate Geminis’ emotions to improve their ability to make decisions and keep them focused on their relationships. 

To clean away built-up energy, wash your moonstone with soapy water and allow the healing properties to activate by placing it near saltwater overnight. 

Cancer: Rose Quartz 

Compassionate, nurturing, passionate, and self-protective: these are just a few of Cancers’ traits, but these characteristics are paired with insecurity and sensitivity. Rose quartz provides self-love to help with confidence and tackle insecurities, as well as offering harmony and balance to reduce sensitivity. 

The safest way to clean rose quartz is to fill a bowl with distilled water and add your crystal for several hours; with a dash of salt, this will both cleanse and charge the rose quartz. 

Leo: Tiger’s Eye 

The main traits of Leos are confidence, leadership, and determination, but they have a fear of underperforming and disappointing those around them. However, tiger’s eye is an excellent stone for Leos, as it allows them to manifest their goals to stay optimistic when chasing goals and success, eliminating any negative feelings of failure. 

Place your stone in a bowl of saltwater overnight to both cleanse and charge it; once you remove the tiger’s eye from the saltwater, rinse it in fresh water and expose it to sunlight for a few hours. 

Virgo: Blue Sapphire 

While Virgos are independent, practical, and sympathetic, they can have a very active mind causing them to feel anxious and stressed. Not only does blue sapphire enhance perception and self-expression, but it also helps Virgos to regulate the nervous system and bring them peace to tackle tension and worry. 

Leave your blue sapphire in a bowl of water with a dash of rock salt overnight on a windowsill where it can be exposed to moonlight; this will both cleanse and charge your crystal to activate its healing properties. 

Libra: Lapis Lazuli 

Compassionate, friendly, and intelligent are just a few of the many ways to describe a Libra, but they tend to avoid confrontation and dislike conflict. Lapis lazuli is an excellent stone for Libras, as it brings empowerment to the owner and allows them to stay true to themselves in a challenging situation, as well as providing clarity and wisdom. 

Activate lapis lazuli’s healing properties by leaving it near moonlight or by lighting a sage smudge stick near the stone, allowing the smoke to flow around it; it’s recommended to keep the stone away from water as it can produce toxins. 

Scorpio: Sodalite 

Scorpios are ambitious, honest, and enticing, yet they can also be jealous and possessive. These negative traits can be healed by sodalite, a beautiful blue crystal. Its shade can soothe the intense emotions that Scorpios experience, and the crystal itself can encourage calmness and intuition. 

Cleanse your sodalite by leaving it to sit under the moonlight overnight, as well as cleansing it by exposing the crystal to sunlight next to a window. Avoid contact with water, as this can dull your stone and prevent the healing properties from working. 

Sagittarius: Blue Topaz 

Sagittarians are lively, optimistic, and assertive, but they can often be reckless. Blue topaz is well-suited to Sagittarians, as it offers wisdom, intelligence, and helps with problem-solving when they find themselves in dangerous situations due to their rash behavior. Blue topaz also provides truth and forgiveness when the recklessness of a Sagittarian damages relationships with loved ones. 

You can clean blue topaz with mild soapy water and a cloth and charge it by placing it in sunlight for a few hours, allowing the sun rays to soak up an energy buildup. 

Capricorn: Amethyst 

Disciplined, dedicated, and responsible are just a selection of the strengths of a Capricorn, but they are also pessimistic and often criticize themselves. This makes amethyst a good match for Capricorns. The crystal can help heal past traumas that can contribute to being self-critical, as well as protect against negativity and regulate emotions to bring out their optimistic side. 

Amethyst can be cleansed in only 15 minutes by placing it in a bowl of cool water and then rinsing the crystal with lukewarm water from a running tap. By leaving the crystal next to a window overnight, the moonlight will amplify the properties of your amethyst. 

Aquarius: Citrine 

Aquarius are innovative, analytical, and conversationalists, but with these strengths come their weaknesses of rebellion and self-righteousness. Citrine is well-suited to an Aquarius. Not only does this crystal bring good fortune to its owner but it also enhances self-discipline in times of rebellion and promotes open-mindedness when they struggle to justify anyone’s actions but their own. 

Cleanse your citrine by placing it under a running tap, ensuring that the water has covered the entire crystal. Finish off by allowing the citrine to charge under moonlight or sunlight for a few hours. 

Pisces: Red Jasper 

Pisces are caring, artistic, and very in touch with their emotions, but they often feel scattered and absent-minded. Red jasper and Pisces are a fantastic match, as the stone can promote quick thinking, reduce stress, and enhance focus and concentration when they feel lost and need to be grounded. On top of this, red jasper has many physical benefits, including improved blood circulation and reduced inflammation. 

Add salt to a bowl of water and place the stone so it is fully covered. Fifteen minutes is enough time to be thoroughly cleansed. You can also use the smoke from sage to fully benefit from red jasper’s properties once it has been cleansed in water. 

“There are endless numbers of crystals and stones to choose from, and of course, they all have a variety of benefits,” says Larkin “However, your zodiac sign can help you narrow down which of those will be right for your personality to help with your weaknesses, not to mention it can prevent you from selecting a stone that will only harm your aura. It’s important to ensure your crystals and stones are properly cleansed and charged to allow the properties to work. Not all crystals and stones can be cleansed the same way, as several of them shouldn’t come in contact with water, so it’s crucial to understand the right method for whichever one you choose.” 

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