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Vanessa Ford
Vanessa Ford

Vanessa is the cofounder of Menolabs, focused on women’s issues during perimenopause and menopause. Vanessa was prompted to action when, at 44, she began her own transition into menopause. Unsatisfied with the lack of support that women experience during this stage of life and finding the stereotypes of women in mid-life exasperating and insulting, she created MenoLabs to address what she sees as a glaring need in every woman’s life. Vanessa’s personal experience with perimenopause and her passion for moving the conversations around menopause forward mean that Vanessa is a driving force in everything MenoLabs does, from formulating products to the creation of a revolutionary app for women in menopause called MenoLife.

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Arming yourself with a plan to guide you through your menopause transition.........