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6 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining the Best Employees By Creating a Well Culture

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With the world slowly returning to “normal,” hospitality and spa-centric bookings are ramping back up. Due to hotel and spa revenues falling up to 46 percent during the pandemic, businesses were forced to let go of some of their top employees. Now that business is increasing again, employers are scrambling to restaff to support their clientele. The best way to recruit and retain loyal, long-term staff? Incorporate a strong wellness culture into your workplace and employee’s lives. Here are six suggestions to help establish a wellness culture that will translate positively to employees when recruiting and will keep your valued employees around longer.

ONE: Extended Health Care Benefits 

By offering your team members extended health care benefits, you are showing that you are willing to go above and beyond to encourage their overall wellness, both in and out of the workplace. Going above expectations is a great way to encourage a reciprocal effort from new employees and is an added incentive for someone to join your team. Plus, a team member who is taking care of themself physically and mentally is typically heathier and more relaxed, which will translate positively to your clientele, increase productivity, and decrease absenteeism. By providing extra support initiatives, employers are communicating to their employees that they care, boosting satisfaction and confidence in the employment relationship. 

TWO: Healthy Snacks & Lunch 

If your employees are in an office or clinic all day, try incorporating a lunch or snack program that will appeal to your team members. Offering healthy snacks will leave your employees fueled and ready to take on their day and could reduce morning anxiety when packing lunch. Plus, with snacks being offered in a communal area, your employees will have more opportunities to interact throughout the day, organically encouraging team bonding moments leading to stronger team moral. 

THREE: Wellness Challenges and Adventures

Organizing fun challenges and outings for your employees can provide an engaging change of pace outside of their regular routine and can add a sense of excitement by tracking progress and competing with team members. Setting monthly goals for steps, workouts outside of the office, water challenges, and more promotes wellness habits, motivates team members to reach for their goals, and encourages interactions with colleagues. Scheduling optional wellness adventures can also be a fun way of engaging with your team and allows them to get away from the clinic or office for the afternoon.  

FOUR: Setting Goals and Vision Exercises 

Taking time with your team to work on your overall business vision is another important exercise for breaking out of day-to-day routines and thinking about the bigger picture. Making sure your team is aligning and working towards the same goals can lead to your employees feeling empowered and inspired to thrive in the workplace. Planning for the future is proven to be an energizing activity and is positively linked to overall wellness, so the more high-level vision exercises you do with your team the better. 

FIVE: Flexibility and Time Off

Flexibility in the workplace is more important than ever, especially post pandemic. After experiencing a work-from-home culture surge, employees are looking for more flexibility in their next position to maintain work-life balance. A flexible vacation policy and encouraging employees to actually take their time off is a good place to start. More than half of Americans, about 55 percent, end their year with paid vacation days that go unused. The reason? Employees are scared they will lose their jobs, their workload will pile up, they will fall behind, or they won’t be seen as dedicated. It’s important to enforce a positive culture around time off and remind your employees of their value and of the importance of unplugging, recharging, and coming back refreshed and rejuvenated.  

SIX: Providing Comfortable and Premium Uniforms 

Looking good and feeling good are synonymous. When your employees are comfortable and presented in the best way possible, that translates into how they feel and, further, how they interact with your clients. If your company is one that requires a uniform, choosing a premium one is important to empower your employees to show up the best they can throughout their workday. By choosing a quality uniform, one that doesn’t sacrifice design, fit, function or comfort, you are showing your employees that you care about their self-worth and elevating their self-confidence. Remember, a uniform in the workplace is a true extension of your employee’s identity, and they want to look and feel their best. 

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