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Dry Together January Brings Midlife Moms Nationwide Together for Alcohol-Free Challenge


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Dry Together, an alcohol-free community for mothers in midlife, announced its second annual Dry January challenge. Women ages 35 to 60 will meet weekly throughout January via Zoom facilitated by Dry Together founders Holly Sprague and Megan Barnes Zesati and receive access to the Dry Together nationwide community.

“Our Dry Together January experience is designed specifically for midlife moms,” says Sprague. “They have held it together for their families throughout the pandemic and deserve this time and space to reflect on how they want to move forward in the new year. A month without alcohol is sometimes just what moms need in order to do some fine tuning in the areas where they feel stuck.”

Sprague and Barnes Zesati are former college roommates and started Dry Together during the height of the pandemic to help women find better coping solutions than alcohol. Sprague is a publicist based in Boulder, CO, and Barnes Zesati is a psychotherapist in private practice in Austin. Both women have teenage children and are working, married moms. In addition to dry month challenges throughout the year, including the Dry Together January Challenge, the founders developed a yearlong online community featuring a private, member-only network and chat forum where women around the country share resources and discuss their experiences in midlife.

“We wanted to create a reflective space where women can begin to understand this stage of life and feel empowered to question how alcohol is serving them at this age,” says Barnes Zesati. “But it’s also about being together, and not going through yet another challenge alone.”

Dry Together January features weekly themed topics and includes community features such as alcohol-free drink recommendations, book and podcast reviews, weekly writing self-reflection questions, and a Guest Speaker Series program featuring “How Going Alcohol-Free Helps Our Midlife Bodies” on January 9 and “Learn your Enneagram Type for Personal Development” on January 23.

Dry Together is not a recovery community and is not appropriate for women in need of addiction services or daily sobriety support. 

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