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Greece’s Euphoria Retreat Reopens, Debuts Feel Alive Again Program


Located in Peloponnese, Greece, Euphoria Retreat, a luxury destination spa, has reopened and launched a new program to help spa-goers negotiate a post-pandemic world. The Feel Alive Again program, focused on recovery and renewal, can be enjoyed two ways.

Throughout the summer, guests can opt to experience various components of the program scattered throughout the resort, such as sunset gatherings, breathwork classes by the pool, nutritional workshops, journaling, treasure hunts in the forest, and music and mandalas sessions. They can also take advantage of Five Elements meditations and expressive dance and performance work rooted in the Greek myths and tragedies. The program is designed for those who want to feel like themselves again.

A more immersive experience is also available with a four-night Feel Alive Again Group Retreat. Hosted and run by Euphoria Retreat advisor and consultant Mary Vandorou, it is ideal for those looking for a more intense program with more support. Able to accommodate up to nine participants, it involves emotional expression work, theatrical improvisation, and creating a personal mandala incorporating a vision of the future.

The group retreats are scheduled for the beginning of July, September, October, and November. The four-night retreat (starting at $1,158 per person) includes a minimum of three-hour daily sessions with two mentors each morning. Accommodations and meals are extra.

Guests can also take advantage of the spa facilities and the legendary Sphere Pool, which was inspired by the iconic Hagia Sophia church. Inside the sphere, spa-goers enjoy the sounds of music, dolphins, and whales.   

Surrounded by ancient forests, castles, churches, and the magical Byzantine village of Mystras, Euphoria Retreat is a place to rediscover your joy.   

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