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Rebecca Kordecki
Rebecca Kordecki

Rebecca is the founder of The Breath Zone, RKFIT, and the creator of Booty Slide, a full-body slide-based workout that retails at Walmart and Kmart. She has enjoyed a very successful 25-year career as a highly sought after celebrity fitness trainer, a health and wellness specialist, corporate coach, writer, and motivational speaker. She is a certified personal trainer through AFAA, ACE, and a certified spin instructor. She’s also a licensed massage therapist.

In the last four years, Rebecca added breathwork to her list of expertise and has built a massive following as one of the top breathwork coaches teaching people to get out of their heads and into their hearts in a variety of cities all over the country. Rebecca studied with breathwork masters Dan Brule, David Elliott, and Stan Grof. She currently teaches at The Den Meditation center in Hollywood and Studio City as well as a variety of other locations around Los Angeles.

Rebecca is committed to helping clients have happier hearts and healthier bodies and continues to educate herself on ways to help them achieve both. She currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA, with her teacup Yorkshire terrier, Butch Cassidy. To learn more, follow her on Instagram or visit her website

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