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A New Study Reveals Most Couples Prefer to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Nearly half of couples say an at-home date puts them in their comfort zone.


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Unlike in years past, eight in 10 people would rather spend this Valentine’s Day at home with their partner than out to dinner at a restaurant. In a new survey of 2,000 coupled Americans, it was found that the pandemic has altered how many people prefer to celebrate the love-themed holiday.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ferrero Rocher, the study also looked at how couples express their love and appreciation for each other. Respondents in newer relationships (one to five years) prefer to shower their partners with gifts (49 percent) while those who have been together longer (six to 10 years) are a bit more practical, showing their love by restocking essentials such as groceries and toiletries (45 percent).

Food, a popular way to show you care, seems to become even more important as a relationship progresses. According to the survey, couples who have been together for 16 to 20 years often choose to treat each other to chocolate and wine (48 percent), while those together for more than 20 years are more likely to cook or bake for one another (64 percent). Partners of 16 to 20 years were most likely to prefer a home-cooked meal for date night over takeout or delivery.

While going out on Valentine’s Day is no longer as popular as it once was, when couples do hit the town to celebrate, they want it to be special. Most prefer to eat at a fine dining restaurant (36 percent) over a casual café (25 percent) or a fast-food joint (19 percent). More than three-quarters of respondents said they would try at least one new food during the celebration. However, the adventure only goes so far, as 60 percent of respondents said they’d likely try a new side over experimenting with an unfamiliar main course (46 percent).

“Our research shows that couples who have been together for longer will get more creative with food, probably due to a greater familiarity with each other’s preferences,” said a spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher. “The past several months of isolation have taught us that couples, especially those spending additional time together now more than ever, are looking for opportunities to share new experiences together that allow for bonding while bringing them out of their comfort zone.”

Whether you’re celebrating with a healthy home-cooked meal, some heart-opening yoga poses, a love meditation, or an indulgent aromatherapy bath for two, this Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to practice gratitude. And if you’re flying solo, all of the above provide much-needed self-care. It’s always important to show yourself some love, too.

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