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Miraval Launches Celebration of the Arts to Promote Therapeutic Benefits of Art

Local artist Lucinda Hinojos was chosen to paint a mural for Miraval Arizona as part of the destination spa’s Celebration of the Arts.

This summer, Miraval Resorts introduced Celebration of the Arts, a new program designed to promote the healing benefits of art and recognize local artists. “Miraval has long been an advocate of the arts, acknowledging the powerful, therapeutic benefits for guests and offering activities in a variety of media like pottery, photography, painting, and more,” says Dina Fenili, Miraval’s director of brand and marketing. “Our goal is to promote a summer of healing and channel uplifting energy through the Celebration of the Arts, which emotionally nourishes and inspires guests to express themselves and their individual journeys through unique artistic methods.”

The program also highlights Miraval’s Creative Expression workshops and expands on them by adding additional art programming. The celebration also involves an artist-in-residence program, which invites a local artist from each community—Tucson, AZ; Austin, TX; and Lenox, MA—to create a mural on property that reflects values of mindfulness and wellness in addition to sparking joy in guests. “So far, guests have been extremely responsive to the program and have benefitted greatly from time spent with the artists-in-residence.

Researching local artists who felt a sense of connection to their community and had important artistic messages to share with guests and colleagues, the Miraval team ultimately selected Lucinda Hinojos to paint a mural at Miraval Arizona (Tucson). Of Xicana, Apache, and Yaqui descent, she is a self-taught muralist and painter who advocates for women’s and immigrant’s rights through her work. Hinojos’s completed mural, which is on permanent display, was inspired by the Sonoran Desert that surrounds the resort and includes images of horses and a gong, two integral parts of the Miraval Arizona experience.

Lucinda Hinojos Mural 2
Lucinda Hinojos’s mural at Miraval Arizona is now on display.

At Miraval Austin (TX), Sadé Lawson is completing a mural by the Discovery Pool. Another self-taught artist, she channels the ambitious and creative energy of women in her life into her artwork. Lawson enjoys connecting color with the emotional themes of her compositions. “Sade has a whimsical approach to art, using the human form, vibrant colors, and dreamy landscapes to symbolize various topics such as representation, self-identity, and mental wellbeing,” says Fenili.

Painter and graphic designer Jesse Tobin McCauley is working on a mural at Miraval Berkshires (Lenox, MA) in the tunnel that connects the main resort with Meadowview Farm & Barn. “Her artwork, which is often characterized by impactful bursts of saturated color, evokes a sense of whimsy and joy from its viewers, and her mural at Miraval Berkshires is no exception – her piece, entitled “A Happy Balance” is a play on Miraval’s philosophy of helping guests create a life in balance,” says Fenili. “It also represents seeing life and oneself through a child’s eye.”

Although Hinojos’s mural is complete, both Lawson and McCauley are still hard at work on theirs. They will be ready to debut by the end of August. 

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