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Six Senses Ibiza to Launch Rosebar, an Age-Defying Longevity Center and Program

A host of age-related assessments and therapies are available to help guests turn back the clock.


Six Senses Ibiza will be home to Rosebar, a new center designed to address longevity.

Harnessing the idea that growing older isn’t a foregone conclusion, Six Senses Ibiza is planning to debut Rosebar, a new age-defying longevity center, in May 2022. In the meantime, the resort is debuting a series of bespoke longevity treatments and programs. Rosebar will utilize science, spirituality, and preventative measures to lengthen lifespan and enhance health using a series of bespoke therapies.

Led by a world-class scientific advisory board, Rosebar will rely on advanced diagnostic algorithms to create a new generation of anti-aging treatments and nutraceuticals. The center will focus on a preventative outlook and incorporate technology in clinical trials that will pioneer a new understanding of how to defy aging through an analysis of individuals’ rate of aging. Rosebar’s menu will feature offerings that help people age more healthily.

The diverse range of therapies and assessments include real age and epigenetic testing, IV infusions, biohacking, hormonal consultations, genetic risk profiling, somatic therapy, and more. The idea is that while you may be getting older, your cells don’t necessarily need to lose their ability to function properly.

While Rosebar won’t open until May, a host of preview programs and treatments are available. A four-part system called the Age Defying Mix starts with assessment (step one), an artificial intelligence driven questionnaire, medical consultation, bio-marker screening, blood test, and blood-sugar monitoring to uncover your true biological age and pace of aging. Diagnostics (step two), based on the assessment, come next in which you will be advised on how to optimize your health, performance, and function. Next, a bespoke program (step three) will be created with biohacking therapies, circadian-rhythm training, nutritional supplements, a nutrition plan, energy-medicine treatments, and more to keep you at your prime. Finally, a monthly follow-up (step four) will help you stay on track and provide ongoing comparative recalibration.  

With game-changing treatments and therapies designed to be incorporated into everyday life, Rosebar will be set in a non-clinical environment and feature a host of distinguished industry leaders and experts, including Vered Caplan, CEO of Orgenesis; Anna Bjurstam, wellness pioneer of Six Senses; Sharon Rosenblat, Ph.D., research and development; Swetlana Adamsky, M.D., Ph.D., global head of metabolic program at Orgenesis; Guy Leitersdorf, CEO of Longevity AI; Tamsin Lewis, M.D., medical director; Thorsten Wilms, head of energy medicine; and Boniface Verney-Carron, integrated osteopath.

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