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7 Fragrances With Benefits for the Wellness-Focused Mom


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Fragrance has the power to enhance mood, boost confidence, trigger memories, and more, making it a wonderful way to honor moms and provide them with a gift that will remind them of you every time they wear it. Add a wellness focus, where the aromatherapy benefits restore and inspire—and a commitment to heal the wearer, the world, or communities in need—and you have the perfect solution for moms who want to smell good, look good, and do good, offering them ultimate olfactory treat.

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I Am Blessed Fragrance

Help mom count her blessings with the blissful blend of bergamot, rose, and ylang ylang that make up this inspiring scent. It was created with the intention of inspiring and empowering the wearer with feelings of gratitude. It’s one of several fragrances with intention available from the brand, including I Am Me, I Am Naked, I Am Love, I Am Hot, and I Am Peace.

John Masters Organics Roll-On Fragrances ($34)

This new line of 8-ml roll-on fragrances helps to balance, de-stress, and uplift with essential oil blends that offer aromatherapy benefits when they are applied to the wrists, behind the ears, and even on the cuticles. Choose between BALANCE, a sophisticated bright, fruity, and woody blend with notes of orange and bergamot, Japanese hinoki cypress, and frankincense, and HARMONY, an elegant clear herbal and deep woody blend featuring orange, eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli, clary sage, and cedarwood. As an added healthy benefit, there are no artificial fragrances or colorants, and no alcohol, and clean carrier oils used include safflower, jojoba seed, olive, argan, sesame, lichiwa, and cactus seed. 

Snif Fragrances

Not sure which fragrance to choose for mom? Let her take her shopping experience home with this unique sample set. She will receive a kit that contains three testers and three full-sized bottles of Honorable Mention, Poppy Issues, and Sweet Ash, which are vegan, cruelty free, genderless scents formulated without preservatives, phthalates, parabens, and synthetic dye. She has seven days to try each fragrance and can keep what she loves and send back what she doesn’t.


These fragrant new perfume oils are available in the brand’s popular Vanilla Woods and Blackberry Lily scents. Each sleek glass bottle has a gemstone roller to match its aromatherapy intention to remind mom to take time for self-care no matter where she is. The bottle was designed with a black-embossed cap featuring the brand’s mantra, Make Perfume Not War, and vegan and cruelty-free empowerment messaging. Vanilla Woods is made with organic, fair-trade vanilla from Madagascar, sourced from a sustainable cooperative that provides families with fair wages and provides them with education and healthcare, while Blackberry Lily is made from organic, fair-trade vetiver from Haiti, which helps to rebuild the agricultural community ravaged by hurricanes and climate change.

The Nu Co Functional Fragrance ($95)

Perfect for busy moms who need an escape, this functional fragrance is designed to help them reset at times of high stress. Developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system, this anti-stress fragrance offers a clean, woody, spicy, and smoky scent infused with green cardamom, iris, palo santo, and cilantro. Clinical trials showed that users feel calmer, more composed, and less stressed with 30 minutes of use.

Valeur Absolut Perfume Harmonie ($35 to $125)

This clean, natural blend is designed to inspire bliss thanks to ingredients that heal and semi-precious stones infused with energy. The fragrance features a white musk base with soothing notes of bitter orange neroli, Earl Grey tea, orange blossom and bergamot essential oils, manganese, potassium, and a natural extract of immortelle flower, which stimulates the release of beta endorphins. Plus, semi-precious amethyst stones inspire harmony and healing. The scents and the stones work together to support wellbeing, making them a perfect pair for wellness-minded moms.

Zents Aroma Trio ($167.50)

Let mom enjoy her favorite bespoke Zents aroma three ways with this charming gift set that includes an Eau du Toilette, a roll-on Attar, and a Concreta repair balm. Zents fragrances are designed to react with the body’s natural chemistry, and the three application options offer a choice of fragrance levels, benefits, and portability. Plus, the sets are available in 10 difference scent options, including Anjou, Earth, Fig, Fresh, Mandarin, Oolong, Ore, Petal, Sun, and Water, making it easy to find the perfect fragrance for your mom.

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