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7 Gifts that Give Back and Provide Double the Impact

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It’s said that it’s better to give than to receive, well, these gift ideas serve double duty, sharing with the ones you love and paying it forward to organizations whose mission it is to boost mental wellness, fight climate change, help refugee families, promote social justice, and more. This season, consider giving a gift that does much more than show someone you care. Give a gift that keeps on giving with these gifts that continue to give back.

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Pacific Whale Foundation Adopt a Marine Animal ($80)

Want to show you truly care about the planet, the oceans, and marine life? Consider surprising your loved one with a bottlenose dolphin, humpback whale, or endangered false killer whale adopted on his or her behalf through a mission-driven adoption program from the Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF), an ocean conservation nonprofit. This thoughtful gift comes with an information packet on the adopted animal, a certificate of adoption, phone wallpaper, a sticker, and a reusable tote bag. For an annual donation of $80, you can also gift ongoing updates about the adoptee, sighting reports, insider access to PWF Research activities, and exclusive invitations to virtual events and presentations on ocean conservation. This renewable and eco-conscious gift helps give back to PWF’s research, education, and conservation programs.

Screen Shot 2021 11 30 at 8.26.47 AM Feeling Feelings Card Deck ($19.95)

This deck of cards is perfect for those who have difficulty expressing their feelings. They are divided into five sections: joy, fear, sadness, anger, and wild card. They serve as great conversation starters and can be used to facilitate someone’s own emotional journey, inspiring journal entries or used as a tool to practice empathy. Also, 50 percent of the net proceeds will be donated to The Loveland Foundation, an organization that works to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color.

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Rainbow Chakra Mat 4020 ($899)

For the yogis in your life, the Rainbow Chakra Mat 4020 brings together the holistic healing of five therapies—hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, photon light therapy, and pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy—in one mat to help balance the chakras. With seven gemstones designed to help realign the chakras, the mat also releases far-infrared rays to help alleviate muscle and joint tension. Negative ion therapy also works to detox the body. The mat features PEMF to stimulate cells, and the surface of the map incorporates multi-colored LED lights to revitalize the skin. A great gift for someone looking to balance and cleanse their spiritual energy, it also helps reduce the planet’s carbon footprint thanks to a company donation of 10,000 planted trees each year.

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Preemptive Love Gifts That Give Back (price varies)

For the kind-hearted souls in your life who would rather give than receive, Preemptive Love is a global community of peacemakers working to stop the spread of violence. This nonprofit lets you give back in a variety of ways, such as purchasing a survival kit for fleeing moms and kids ($27), buying chickens for a Venezuelan family ($50), providing one week of food for quarantined refugees ($15), providing capital to start a business for a refugee woman ($50), and more. An inspiring gift that shares hope for the future, these opportunities to give back truly help those in need and are a wonderful way to pay it forward this holiday season.  

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Social Goods Gifts (price varies)

Looking for the perfect gift for the social justice activist in your life or perhaps a gift that supports mental health, Social Goods has curated an online store of statement-making goods that include donations to nonprofits driving real change in the world. From apparel and accessories to home goods and stationery, you can find a host of gifts that empower women, promote equality, support mental health, work to prevent gun violence, encourage voting and civic engagement, support racial justice, advance arts and education, and more.     

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Neom Limited Edition Christmas Wish ($36.50)

Bestow the gift of calm this year with Neom’s Christmas Wish candle, packaged in a berry-red glass votive with a beautiful foil label. Infused with the brand’s best-selling festive fragrance, Christmas Wish is a traditional scent expertly blend with spicy and fruity oils of mandarin, cinnamon, and tonka bean along with 10 other oils to encourage relaxation this holiday season. The company also partnered with the Mental Health Foundation and is working to raise money to support the Mental Health Foundation Peer Education Project and reach 5,000 students in the UK. Focused on supporting mental wellness, the Neom is including a wellbeing toolkit with advice from the Mental Health Foundation.

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Kool For Men Water Soluble Nano Drops 600mg CBD ($79.99)

Harnessing the power of high-tech formulation, these CBD drops create an effective solution for health and wellbeing. Research suggests CBD may help reduce anxiety and chronic pain by affecting the endocannabinoid receptor activity. These water-soluble drops rely on nanotechnology, which increases the bioavailability and absorption of CBD by turning one molecule into millions, making the drops more effective than traditional CBD oil products. The product is THC-free and made with 100 percent organically grown, non-GMO U.S. hemp that contains no heavy metals, harsh chemicals, or pesticides. For every product sold, $5 will be donated to the GO Campaign, which works to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world by partnering with local heroes to deliver local solutions, such as opportunities to education, medical care, shelter, food, and more.   

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