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Resorts World Las Vegas Debuts Awana Spa, A Wellness Haven With Social Experiences And Rituals From Around The World


Resorts World Las Vegas recently debuted the property’s newest addition, Awana Spa. Guests can choose from a variety of treatments inspired by European and Eastern rituals with a unique social approach.

Offering an experience not available anywhere else in the country, the theatrical Art of Aufguss has made its U.S. debut at Awana Spa. Inspired by European saunas that provide rejuvenation and social gathering for the shared goal of greater wellbeing, the spa showcases a theater-inspired heated room with aromatherapy, choreographed music, lighting, and more. This avant-garde social experience helps to relax, invigorate, and inspire playfulness as each Sauna Meister curates a 30-minute themed experience. 

“Awana Spa’s uniqueness stems from tapping into traditional, world-renowned treatments, with a social twist,” says Jennifer Lynn, spa director at Resorts World Las Vegas. “The experience will be pleasantly unpredictable as our distinctive architecture, music, and services provide a spa experience like no other that taps into Vegas’s essence. Unlike most spas, socialization is at our core through services such as the Art of Aufguss, which provides a spectacular and entertaining wellness experience.” 

Awana’s modern, yet warm space, which was created in partnership with Blu Spas Inc, draws upon the principles of the golden ratio with rounded rooms, curved walls, and highly thought-out designs to promote a transformative and holistic experience. The design’s pinnacle is showcased through the spectacular state-of-the-art Fountain of Youth experience. Inspired by tales of the mythical spring that restores the youth of anyone that bathes in its curative, age-reversing waters, the Fountain of Youth experience houses a network of six vitality pools, a heated Crystal laconium room, tepidarium chairs, vapor-filled steam rooms, cool mist showers, and the experiential Rain Walk. The expansive co-ed facility features LED screens and immersive experiences that change throughout the day. When the projection transports guests to various picturesque destinations, the room’s temperature as well as other added touches will match the displayed setting. Guests can opt for a Fountain of Youth Passport, which includes a two-hour journey of youthful exploration.

Awana invites guests to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul through indulgent and luxurious treatments steeped in deep wellness traditions from across the world, including:

Assorted Massages and Bodywork

Awana’s expertly trained technicians will offer an assortment of massages and body therapies from Himalayan Salt Stone and Prenatal Massages to a World of Wellness Massage. The spa also offers enhancements to your experience including Crystal and Sound Healing treatments, Therabody’s Theragun devices, Moroccan Oil Hair Mask, Knesko Gemstone Masks, and Cupping. 

Rejuvenating Facials

Awana’s seasoned team of master estheticians provide skin-altering solutions using Hydrafacial. Additional custom facial offerings include Face Yoga, the Signature Facial with dermaplaning, and gua sha as well as various hand and back treatments.

Foot Spa Lounge

Awana offers healing traditions from around the world through specialized therapists including techniques from eastern countries concentrating on specific ailments such as jet lag, sleep health, muscle recovery through RecoveryAir PRO by Therabody, and more. The Foot Spa Lounge can be reserved for groups of up to 20 people.  

“The wellness and spa planning for the Awana Spa & Wellness was thrilling due to a punch bowl full of innovations and distinctive design elements,” says Cary Collier, co-founder of Blu Spas Inc. “The quest with our stakeholders and project team was to craft a communal bathing signature hub with sizzle and a fun gathering vibe. Introducing the Sauna Aufguss to the U.S. market was a highlight and something new and memorable for Las Vegas. The collection of social venues allows for flexible operating hours during the day or for a nightly hangout. Guests have a great variety of choices for experiences to relax and play in feel-good spaces. Importantly, our concept and design were created to establish a business model reducing overall payroll-related operating costs.”

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