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The Global Wellness Summit Releases Annual Trends Report: The Future of Wellness 2024

Discover what trends are poised to shake up the industry


As wellness continues to play a pivotal role in our global economy and overall wellbeing, it is constantly evolving with new technology, innovations, and trends. According to the Global Wellness Summit, the wellness industry is expected to grow from $5.6 trillion today to $8.5 trillion by 2027. At the annual Global Wellness Trends + Research New York City media event, the Global Wellness Summit announced its top 10 trends in the Future of Wellness report.

The report revealed several shifts in the wellness market, including the rise of both hardcare and softcare markets and mindsets. Hardcare refers to the new hyper-medical and high-tech offerings while softcare is indicative of the simpler, less expensive offerings that prioritize emotional and social wellbeing.

Here are the top 10 trends for 2024:

  1. Climate-Adaptive Wellness As the planet continues to heat up, expect to see innovations that help to cool our bodies (think temperature-adaptive apparel), our homes, and our cities.
  2. The Power of the Pilgrimage A new generation is embracing pilgrimage trails, an ancient, slow, and spiritual form of travel that promises transformation.
  3. From Manning Up to Opening Up Social and emotional wellness offerings for men are on the rise to help them connect with themselves and each other.
  4. The Rise of Postpartum Wellness Discover a new era of comprehensive postpartum care for women who have just given birth.
  5. Longevity Has Longevity Longevity clinics are continuing to attract new converts with biomarker testing and more. The allure of longevity is impacting the biotech, health, and wellness spaces.
  6. A Wellness Check for Weight-Loss Drugs Ozempic and Montouro are the talk of the town. These weight-loss drugs and others yet to come are disrupting behavioral-based weight-loss programs, which are now prescribing Big Pharma’s fast fix. Wellness companion programs for those relying on the drugs are sure to follow.
  7. Sports Finds Its Footing in Hospitality People want to work out like professional athletes or with their favorite athletes. Answering the health call, hospitality brands are partnering with elite athletes and enhancing their sports programs with recovery options and more.
  8. The Home As a High-Tech Health Hub Wellness-focused homes aren’t new, but now homes and cities are offering everything from medical-grade home-health monitoring systems to smart furnishings that adjust in real-time to individual wellbeing needs.
  9. A New Multisensory, Immersive Art for Wellness Art is becoming an interactive experience thanks to museums, resorts, and public spaces powered by generative AI and spatial sound. They’re boosting mental wellbeing with immersive, multisensory experiences.
  10. Under the Radar GWS chair and CEO Susie Ellis shares some under the radar trends to watch, such as lowering the minimum age of spa-goers so teens can access the mental wellness benefits of spa, and Blue Zones 2.0, the next iteration of healthy destinations where people are living longer and healthier lives.
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