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The Wellness Questionnaire with Keisha Blair

Get To Know Industry Insiders With A Look At Their Personal Wellness Thoughts, Philosophies, And Practices.

Keisha Blair is the bestselling author of “Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness” and the founder of the Keisha Blair Institute on Holistic Wealth. She is the world’s foremost expert on Holistic Wealth and is a trained economist, working within the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Learn more about her approach to wellness and find out some of her tips and favorites about the industry.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness means living a holistically wealthy lifestyle. In my book “Holistic Wealth,” I define holistic wealth as a broad term refering to “wealth that comprises various elements—financial savvy and independence, a life purpose and mission, spiritual connection, and a generous demeanor—all of which lead to a greater sense of wholeness and resilience in times of difficulty, and to happiness and joy.” I also developed a Holistic Wealth Development Index – which can be used to assess human development from the perspective of fostering resilience and the ability to bounce back from life-altering setbacks, and wellness is a key component of that. 

Is there a specific fitness activity that you love and why?

I love walking in nature because it helps me stay mindful. Spending time in nature is one of my favorite things to do – the more awe-inspiring the better.

What is your favorite healthy food, and do you have a favorite way of preparing it?

I have so many! I’m actually working on a Holistic Wealth cookbook with some of my favorite healthy recipes. I’m a fan of the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, which is great for holistic healing. One personal favorite which I mentioned in Chapter 18 ‘Recipes Made from Scratch’ in my book, Holistic Wealth, is fish prepared with ginger, herbs and red peppers.

What is your favorite healthy beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and do you have any insider tips for preparing it?

In Chapter 18 of my book, I include something I came across while on my one-year sabbatical in Jamaica, writing, “I had my own tropical plant medicine cocktail, made of fresh pineapple juice, coconut milk, sugarcane juice, and a dose of mint leaves—perfect for a blend of tropical vibes and mindfulness.” Here’s a tip: take out the core of a whole pineapple, cut off the top and put your finished drink in the cored pineapple and garnish it with a straw, mint leaves and mini umbrella. You’ll have the perfect tropical mocktail. See picture below.

What is your greatest wellness achievement?

My greatest wellness achievement is my award-winning, bestselling book “Holistic Wealth,” which is now a global movement, as well as creating and founding the Keisha Blair Institute on Holistic Wealth that offers online courses related to wellness including  Holistic Healing as well as the signature Certified Holistic Wealth™ Consultant Program. The Institute also offers a membership platform, with tools and resources to help members achieve holistic wealth. The book and the launch of the institute couldn’t have happened at a better time (when people needed it most). In 2020, the core themes of the book and the core mission of the Institute on Holistic Wealth became the biggest stories in the world. The pandemic increased rates of anxiety, mental health issues and grief. It also caused people to pay attention to the issues of financial wellness, as a result of the fallout in the economy – and our physical health is at the forefront of every daily conversations. Almost every conversation now focuses on our ability to renew ourselves and build resilience, all of which are the pillars of the core mission at the Institute and my book.

What is your idea of balanced healthy happiness?

When I think about balanced healthy happiness – I think of living a holistically wealthy lifestyle, which means balancing all the key areas related to holistic wealth such as mental and emotional health, financial wellness, spiritual wellness and physical health. I think we can achieve balanced healthy happiness when all of those concepts are working in unison and when there’s a certain level of health present. If one area is lacking, then it’s hard to achieve a balanced life.

Do you have a secret health or wellness tip you would like to share?

I developed the Holistic Wealth Method™ and the Holistic Wealth Mindset™. Embracing the Holistic Wealth Method™ can boost your wellness 10-fold. Approaching life with a holistic wealth mind-set means approaching life mindfully with the realization that each decision and each action represents a withdrawal from or deposit to that holistic wealth bank account, so ask yourself: will this decision be a withdrawal from or a deposit to my holistic wealth bank account? Repeated withdrawals from the holistic wealth bank account will lead to bankruptcy. Similarly, there are some actions that act like compound interest in a holistic wealth bank account, like listening to your intuition and lifelong learning. These actions benefit over time in different areas of your life. The Holistic Wealth Method™ can also be applied in everyday situations regarding  daily decisions such as money and relationships.

What wellness-related books or authors do you recommend, and why?

I’d like to recommend my award-winning book, “Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness.” (International Book Awards 2020, Award-Winning Finalist – Best Book awards 2020.) I based my book on a viral article I wrote for Thrive Global entitled “My Husband Died At Age 34. Here Are 40 Life Lessons I Learned From It” which has been viewed by more than 50 million people globally. I also think wellness book written by Brene Brown, Shonda Rhymes and Oprah Winfrey which are about finding purpose are all great options.

What brings you joy?

My family – especially my three children – Matthew, Alex and Ella.

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