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Bravo Star and Cosmetic Nurse Cary Deuber Sets the Record Straight on TikTok Cosmetic Trends

Delve into the newest cosmetic trends and get advice on how to best achieve them.
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Is Ozempic Face really a thing, and what is Barbie Botox? Why does it feel like everyone is getting lipo and face/neck lifts? Here, Cary Deuber, “Real Housewives of Dallas” star, registered cosmetic nurse, and co-owner of Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery & Laser Centers, dives into the newest cosmetic trends and offers advice on how to best achieve them. 

  • Ozempic Face: This is definitely something that she has seen a lot of with her clients – after losing tons of weight with Ozempic. They also notice they have lost volume in the face, making them appear older. Deuber uses bio-stimulators and hyaluronic acid-based products to re-volumize the face post Ozempic. 
  • Barbie Botox: This trend, which purportedly “slims your neck,” started on TikTok. It is something that Deuber has done for a while for medical reasonsdoing Botox in trapezius muscles helps to relieve tension and can help migraines by relieving tension in  the muscles along the back of the neck. She doesn’t consider it Barbie Botox but rather a medical procedure that helps her patients address various health concerns.
  • Lip Flip: This trend is when Botox is injected into your lips adding a fuller look without the need of filler as well as eliminating a gummy smile.
  • More Natural Aesthetic: Clients are preferring a more natural aesthetic with understated breast implants. Many are now opting for the 24-Hour Recovery Breast Augmentation, a technique that is developed to offer minimal recovery time and very little pain.
  • The New Face Lift: With the advancements in technology, facelifts are also no longer viewed as a “one and done” surgery. More people are opting to get them as part of a long-term maintenance plan in their 40s, where facelifts are the anchor and fillers and injectables support the results. The techniques to do them now are so natural and have less of the Saran Wrap pull-effect of previous generations. 
  • Three Dimensional Fillers: Instead of taking a syringe of Juvederm and using it to plump up any area that needs a little extra love, Deuber and her team take a full 360 personalized approach on the filler front, using different fillers and an individual approach for specific parts on a client’s face. It’s customization versus one multipurpose syringe. 
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