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Taking Wellbeing to New Heights at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center

Good energy is at the heart of its crystal-infused spa.


When the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center first debuted in 2019, I recall being impressed when I learned of the role crystals played in the overall design of the spa. At the time, I was quite enamored with the idea of energy healing and continue to be fascinated by the subject today. Recently, I was invited to experience the stunning Four Seasons and get a taste of its restorative wellness offerings. My visit was timed to coincide with a panel titled, Invest in Yourself, hosted by jewelry designer LAGOS, that included an empowering discussion with female leaders in finance, health, and wellness from the Philadelphia community. It was just the type of conversation I love. With that in mind, I didn’t hesitate to book a roundtrip ticket on Amtrak to Philly from New York City.

After a short 15-minute walk from the train station, I arrived at the hotel and made my way up to the 60th floor, where the lobby is located. There, visitors are greeted with a spectacular and ever-changing floral installation from the hotel’s in-house floral team. It is also where I first glimpsed the stunning city views for which the hotel is known. It wasn’t until I stepped into my guest room, however, that I truly grasped how epic those views are. They certainly set the stage for a memorable stay.

PHL 322 screen hi res
The infinity-edge pool on the 57th floor is definitely a showstopper.
What We Love
  • 57th floor infinity-edge swimming pool
  • Crystal-infused spa
  • Panoramic views
  • Dining at JG SkyHigh
Skyline Corner Suite 2
The hotel’s Skyline Corner Suite, awash in natural light, is decked out in modern furnishings that complement the contemporary design.
Guest Rooms

It’s impossible to do the guest rooms justice without mentioning the positive energy that pervades the space. With floor-to-ceiling windows, each room category features scenic views of the cityscape and Philadelphia’s iconic landmarks. Located on floors 48 to 56, the modern rooms and suites sport a neutral color scheme that creates a calm and comforting aesthetic. While I didn’t have a bathtub, I didn’t really miss it thanks to the spacious walk-in shower. The separate wardrobe area also provided ample room to change if you’re sharing the accommodations.

The elegant rooms also come with a host of amenities, including luxury linens, a 65-inch flat-screen tv, an iPad, blackout drapes, and more. Best of all, for those who appreciate their solitude, the rooms feature soundproof insulation. Ideal for working remotely, they also provide the perfect place to get a good night’s rest.

PHL 402 screen hi res
JG SkyHigh offers elevated dining complete with 360-degree views.

Dining at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center is a true culinary adventure. I began my journey at JG SkyHigh, a stunning bar and lounge set on the 60th floor. There, I enjoyed lunch, dining on what is called “approachable” Jean-Georges cuisine. I had the Yellowfin Tuna Tartar, which was divine, and the Kale and Broccoli Salad featuring a soft-poached egg. Between the extraordinary food and the spectacular views, I couldn’t imagine a better experience. Of course, I didn’t make it to Jean-Georges on the 59th floor, so that also remains an option for even higher expectations.

Later that evening, I joined a friend at Vernick Fish, an oyster bar on the ground floor offering a seasonal and sustainable approach to small and large plate offerings. Serving a range of inventive seafood dishes, the restaurant is committed to quality when it comes to sourcing. It’s easy to eat healthfully when presented with such a fresh ingredient-driven menu.

Not wanting to emerge from my room the next morning before I had to, I opted to order in-room dining for breakfast using the room’s handy iPad. A healthy breakfast couldn’t have been easier with options such as an Acai Bowl, a Vegan Coconut Yogurt Parfait, and Build Your Own Smoothie. 

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The spa’s relaxation lounge is the perfect place to take in the captivating views.
Spa and Fitness Facilities

While the hotel certainly benefits from the positive vibes that come from having uncluttered and light-filled spaces, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia takes it a step further. Spa director Verena Lavigne-Fox had the ingenious idea of incorporating healing crystals into the structure of the spa to create an energetically harmonized setting. “When designing the spa, it was very important for me give the space an identity and a soul,” says Lasvigne-Fox. “Crystals have an ancient tradition and continue to be very relevant in the wellness industry as they represent a way of bringing natural elements indoors.”

Energetic interior designer and crystal healer Rashia Bell was brought in to lend her expertise on making the spa a healing sanctuary. “Crystals were structurally infused into the design of the hotel’s spa,” says Bell. “Each treatment room is named for a different chakra and has that particular stone embedded into the construction of the space behind the walls.” Used decoratively and functionally, the rooms also feature a crystal singing bowl, which is aligned to the room’s energy center and artfully placed. In the end, a total of more than 700 pounds of crystals, including rhodochrosite, carnelian, citrine, malachite, turquoise, kyanite, amethyst, and clear quartz, were placed in the spa’s walls. The idea was to promote balance, relaxation, and greater wellbeing.

According to Bell, specific blends of stones were used in the entrance to the spa, relaxation areas, gym, and mechanical areas. In the relaxation area, for example, a mix of lepidolite, blue calcite, green calcite, rose quartz, and moonstone was used. “The goal was to energetically affect the design of the space from its foundation and for that to be the core of the treatments and experiences that take place,” says Bell “The overall effect is to create a balanced and harmonious spa within the sky-high metal and glass building it is contained in, allowing the clients to be transported.”

And transported I was! In the relaxation lounge, I sipped on crystal-infused water and nibbled on chocolate-covered blueberries while watching planes on the horizon begin their descent to Philadelphia International Airport. “Something unique to our spa is the amount of light that floods into the spaces,” says Lasvigne-Fox. “We are one of very few spas in the world that have floor-to-ceiling windows in each treatment room and within our relaxation lounge, allowing guests to take in the sights 57 floors above the city.”

While I would have been content to relax the day away in the lounge, I was fortunate to have the added relaxation benefits that accompanied a Crystal Oil Massage (starting at $225, 60 minutes), a full-body treatment with crystal-infused oils for stress relief, balance, or energy. I found myself needing stress relief more than anything else. The spa also offers a variety of crystal-themed treatments, including the Luminous Crystal Facial (starting at $255, 75 minutes). It is designed to reawaken the skin with an energizing trio of rose quartz, carnelian, and aventurine. “The brands we partner with in the spa are what bring the full experience together,” says Lasvigne-Fox. “We carefully selected Sodashi, QMS Medicosmetics, and Dr. Barbara Sturm to offer guests a unique experience that can’t be found elsewhere in the city.”

The spa also offers an exclusive Night Spa experience (starting at $1,950 per couple), which features a 60-minutes couple’s massage followed by relaxation time on the hotel’s stunning pool deck with Champagne and pastries, spa robes, and a bouquet of Jeff Leatham’s signature roses. The pool itself is a sight to behold surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. While I’m not one who necessarily feels compelled to take the plunge when presented with a pretty pool, even I couldn’t resist the hotel’s stunning infinity-edge pool.

The Night Spa Experience is an exclusive offering that takes advantage of the stunning infinity-edge pool.

I also couldn’t resist a workout in the fitness facility. I can’t help but think I was attracted by the positive energy. “Our electromagnetic field protection set around our fitness center and electrical closets trap the electromagnetic frequencies and negative energy coming from these spaces and help to reduce stress and anxiety while creating a protective boundary around the spa area,” says Lasvigne-Fox.

Although there are no scientific studies proving the effectiveness of crystal healing, there is evidence suggesting a placebo effect. And there is no denying that the energy around us can significantly impact how we feel. “Incorporating crystals into space allows one to bring in a sustainable element of nature, and subsequently by way of being in those spaces, we have the ability to actually resonate our own energy with that of stones,” says Lasvigne-Fox. “Crystals are also used in technology, and technology is the foundation of this building. It’s a yin and a yang, the idea of high tech versus high touch, and it’s all about creating balance within our building.

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