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The Chatwal, New York, Launches a Wellness Retreat for All Five Senses

The Chatwal introduces two wellness-centered suites.

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but The Chatwal, New York, part of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection, is treating sleep as a sacred routine with the launch of two all-new wellness-centered suites, where guests can immerse themselves in a luxurious retreat that engages all five senses: sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch. 

Located in the heart of New York City’s vibrant and bustling Theater District, The Chatwal, New York, provides luxurious accommodations with a hyper-focus on personalized guest experiences. Within The Chatwal’s new Nirvana Package, guests will embark on a journey through the five senses when booking a Shanti or Prema Wellness Suite. Derived from the Sanskrit terms, Shanti means “peace” throughout the mind, body, and spirit, and Prema is translated to “divine love and affection.” Both suites come equipped with restful touches that capture the essence of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching, such as:

  • Hear: White noise machine with soothing and nature-centered melodies
  • See: Ambient-color lighting device to evoke a calming and energetic aura
  • Smell: Diptyque diffusers with the hotel’s signature Bulgarian Roses scent and fresh flowers—orchids in the bathroom, lilies in the bedroom
  • Taste: Health bars and nuts, artisanal waters, juices, coconut water, and fresh fruit
  • Touch: Two branded Chatwal yoga mats, two branded meditation cushions, and two branded eye masks, all in the signature Chatwal Red

As part of the Nirvana Package, each guest will receive specialized bathroom amenities and a healthy breakfast to start their day with a wellness boost. When booking for three nights or more, guests will also be treated to their choice of a complimentary massage, meditation session, or yoga session, while five-plus nights will include two of the above, and seven-plus nights allows for all three complimentary services at the hotel’s on-site Wellness Center.

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