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JMPankey Launches The Spa Professionals Academy For Aspiring Business Owners

Business program offers sessions on financial strategies, branding, and more
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Julie Pankey, spa and wellness consultant and founder of JMPankey Partners and the SpaHive, has developed The Spa Professionals Academy. This certified program provides step-by-step training geared for those interested in developing a business in cosmetics, aesthetics, health, and beauty.

The program is designed to assist beginner wellness and beauty professionals to turn their passion into a successful business. The content focuses on more than 50 topics and 10 chapters. 

Training module topics include:

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Financial Strategies and Worksheets
  • Branding
  • Location
  • Attracting and Retaining Customers
  • Business Tools

“The biggest reason smart, talented people don’t take the leap to start their own business is because of unknown factors,” says Pankey. “The Academy is designed to help prospective owners understand how much it will cost, what they need, how to market to customers, and so much more. The program is based on each professional’s own goals and plans for their brand.”

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